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My name is Hannah Lawrence and I am a freelance writer mainly covering articles on animals, football and humour. I also regularly write scripts, novels  and poems. I have completed a course with The Writers Bureau and have had work published by Viz magazine, United Press poetry and The UK Poetry Library as well as having work recited on television. 

I am also a member of my local writer's group, Kingswood Writer's Ink and I am a writer for Footyblog.net - please take a look at my articles on the magazine website. 

I started writing in 2011. Having always had a good imagination and a enthusiasm for reading, I suddenly had the urge to write my own novel. Whilst making preparations for my story, I discovered how much I enjoyed writing poems, scripts and articles which is how this aspect of my writing work developed. I find putting words onto a blank page is a great way for me to express my passions, feelings and thoughts. I write about anything I am passionate about or believe in using frank yet enthralling dialogue and description which I hope the reader will enjoy.

You will find some of my work on my website as well as on Wattpad. Please take a  look, if it is of interest please contact me by e-mail at the address below.

Please feel free to view my blog where I will give updates on my work, writers events and correspondence as well as review novels and scripts.

Many thanks for taking to time to look at my website.