My work

I have been writing for Footy Blog online magazine for over two years, here are some of my articles. You can see more of my work at

Footy Blog



            Duncan Edwards
                Boy Wonder

            Derby Days and

           Riveting Rivalries 

Gianluigi the Great
Happy 80th Birthday
  Sir Bobby Charlton
I have written humour articles for Viz magazine. Here are more of my spoof articles.



Chiles Loses It
Queen Goes Gaga
Brian May is
    Worth It
Royal's Roughing It
Animal Articles
Here are my articles on pets and wildlife which is one of my other passions, I own a cat, five hens, a dwarf hamster and tropical fish.



Bumbling Solution
Little Urban Backyard

I have written various television drama screenplays, from comedy to thrillers and true life stories.

Duncan Edwards Boy Wonder
Deceptive Deed

The first chapters of my novels are below, I mainly write thriller and crime genre.

Lethal Swipe
A Plot to Scatter Evil

A selection of poems here I have written, some have been published, the 'Paddy Poem' was read out on a television show.

Cooking Catastrophe
Wildlife Haven
Paddy Poem
The Fire Bird
My Happy Hens